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Resources - Community Outreach

We are currently developing a series of resources that can be used to engage people in creative and spiritual conversations in community outreach contexts.

These emerged from our 2021 Unlock National Gathering when we engaged in 'Conversations without an Agenda' and explored the theme of things that bring us Joy.

That became a template for the workshop at the 2022 Unlock London Walk and then further trials have been developed at St Lawrence's Church, in the former coalfield and textile town of Heanor in Derbyshire, where they have been used as part of a local makers market.

At present resource packs have been developed on the themes of Peace, Hope and Joy; but they can be adapted to include a wide range of different themes that can be used to link human experience with Bible content.

Welcome 'Stay at Home' walk 2020

Links for playlists for above: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx29_x9gAmhWbmXbSMzopXK11MTkSUId9

Bible Women Resource Pack

'What shall we do with the Women?'

Activities to accompany the Bible Women banners which are available to borrow from The Unlock offiice by arrangement.

This pack includes the story of how the Bible Women cartoons came about and a range of activites designed to use alongside them which explore the stories of women in the Bible and the place of women in history and in our communities.

Bible Women - illustraitons on wall

Building Your Community

Creative activities to reflect on where God is already at work in your local context.

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