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Resources - from the regions

 Unlock resources have been produced for several decades now. Some of our older resources still have some useful ideas within them, and we still receive requests for them, even though their presentation is now dated. Some of these are available here as scanned Pdfs. (We aplogise for the poor visual quality of these documents.)

Experience The Bible

Experience The Bible

Nine Bible studies for use with small groups. All based on Gospel stories and parables and linked to everyday experiences.

1: The neighbour
2: The casual labourers
3: The lost sheep
4: The lost son

5: The sower

6: Seventy Times Seven

7: Jesus and Zacchaeus

8: Jesus and the woman at the well

9: family and friends

Good News

Good News

These four Bible studies help a group look at how the Good News of the Kingdom of God was offered in the New Testament, and compare this with how they offer it:

1: The offer of Jesus 'Follow me'
2: The offer of Jesus 'Repent of your sins'
3: The offer of Jesus 'Life more abundantly'
4: The works of the kingdom

Living With The Miracle Maker

Living With The Miracle Maker

This pack helps you get under the skin of some of the characters as they met Jesus, not just the ones who get noticed a lot, but also some who are a bit more in the background.
The cartoons are designed to encourage small groups to talk about their own stories of life, and then compare them with the story of Jesus
We can imagine the pack being used with small groups of people, and with families at home.

It could provide:-

An introduction to the Christian faith for those who prefer to watch a video, rather than read a book.
An opportunity for Christians to again encounter the living Christ.

A Long Week

5 Easter preparation sessions

Christians Caring

Ten sessions on Pastoral Care and relationships. An original EUTP Pastoral Care course by Jim Hart and Val Black.

Into the City with Nehemiah

6 sessions on the theme of hope by Dave Cave & Jim Hart from 1985.


5 sessions exploring the story of Jonah

New Life Game

A Board game which explores the journey people take on the way to Christian Commitment.

Peace in The City

6 sessions looking at the last days of Jesus' earthly life.

Pick and Mix

3 different outlines of Unlock Sessions; 'Roots and Shoots', 'Spotlight on Choices' and 'Stepping Stones' by Roy Dorey.
An updated version of 'Stepping Stones' is avialable in the Bible Study resources section.

We'll Manage it

7 True life stories to help Christians manage Church activities better, by Jenny Richardson based on 'Managing or Muddling Through' by Jim Hart.

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