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Supporting Unlock
Supporting Unlock



Unlock is supported by a network of Prayer Partners.

They receive an annual prayer letter and pray regularly for Unlock's Council, staff, and all their work.

Register as an Unlock Prayer Partner to receive prayer letters.


The next Prayer letter will be issued towards the end of 2024.

Meanwhile there is a list of current prayer needs (below) and answered prayers (on the right).

Current Prayer needs:-


  • We are reaching out to Diocese to develop new partnerships to enable us to deliver our approach. Please pray that this initiative will extend our reach.
  • We need to find Christian Trusts who will fund our core work.
  • The response to our funding appeal has been great but Unlock will continue to need generous funding from supporters in the years ahead to enable the development of new local partnerships with confidence that we will be able to see them through.
  • Jenny enjoying her retirement.
  • Nguemo (Ella) Takon, who has taken on Jenny's role at the Unlock Office, as she finds her way around Unlock.
  • Unlock London Walks are back in the real world from 2022. To keep this source of funding secure for the years to come, we need it to attract more walkers and especailly new walkers; to come along, enjoy the event, make donations and bring more walkers the next year.
  • We need Unlock Walkers to pull out all the stops in terms of generating greater income from the Unlock London Walk.
  • The development of our strategic partnerships with various national Urban Mission agencies.
  • The Cameron Carr and the legacy of the work that that he developed in Rotherham with Treeton Baptist Church.
  • Invitations to provide Unlock training events; particularly in new areas of the UK
  • The touring of the 'Bible Women' cartoons that they may generate good conversations and questions, as well as profile and income.
  • Explorations towards new Unlock Local Partnership Projects in new locations. We need new local partnerships in new places where we can deploy Unlock workers.
  • For Kevin and Nguemo who staff the Unlock National office.
  • Unlock Birmingham; Queen's Foundation partnership.
  • The dedicated walk planning team, and National Office staff as they prepare for the 2024 Unlock London Walk.
  • More Unlock supporters using e-mail and internet to help us keep our costs down.
  • The legacy of Unlock's work in Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Rotherham, Burnley, Benwell, Byker & Walker, Hastings, Sheffield, Cardiff and Liverpool.
  • Independent groups using Unlock resources across the UK.
  • Emerging local leaders released and resourced by Unlock's approach.
  • Unlock Local Support Group Co-ordinators.
  • Facilitating local partnerships that generate tangible and robust legacies.
  • Preparations for the next Unlock National Gathering for Unlock workers, Council members & Unlock Local Teams in Autumn 2024.




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Sketch - Unlocking the door

Answered Prayers


  • Unlocking real life stories of urban people, Revealing Good News of the down to earth Christ and Releasing life changing skills and confidence since 1972.
  • A really encouraging response to our appeal at the beginning of 2022, including more regular givers as well as some very generous one-off donations.
  • Increased interest in our work from potential partners.
  • Income from the 2023 Unlock London walk of just over £20k.
  • Unlock emerging from the pandemic with sufficient resilience and capacity to be there in really supportive ways for those communities which have been most affected.
  • Production of New Unlock reources including 'Slithers of Gold' & 'The Year We Stayed at Home' now on the website.
  • The event in Liverpool on May 28th 2022 celebrating Unlock's 50th Anniversary.
  • Walk income of £52,500 since 2019 including two virtual walks.
  • Some very generous personal donations in 2022
  • The various churches in different parts of London who are standing by to open and welcome Unlock walkers at the next London walk.
  • New National Council member, Lisa.
  • Consistent & generous financial support from faithful personal donors and churches - in spite of these uncertain times.
  • Financial support from the Bible Society, Trust Greenbelt, St Peter's Saltley Trust, Church Urban Fund,the Spring Harvest Charitable Trust, the Anchor Foundation, the Slavanka Trust, Rebecca Hussey Book Charity, the Cadman Charitable Trust, the SMB Charitable Trust, Kingsley Trust.
  • Opportunities to provide Unlock training.
  • Ongoing partnerships with Urban Expression, the CUF Together Network, Estates Evangelism Task Group, Church Army, UTU, National Estate Churches Network, The Queen's Foundation, the Saltley Trust.
  • The ongoing impact of Unlock in Bristol, Liverpool, Hastings, Sunderland, Hull, Sheffield, Burnley, Benwell, Rotherham, Byker & Walker, Cardiff and Birmingham.
  • Unlock Local Teams.
  • The necessary resources to pursue networking opportunities and develop mutually beneficial relationships/partnerships with other urban mission agencies.