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Donate through Give as you Live Donate

Donate through Give as you Live Donate

Online donations to Unlock are now processed through Give as you Live Donate*.

Online donations can be made using either of the buttons above. If anyone prefers to set up a standing order for their regular giving please contact Ella at the Unlock Office (Mondays and Thursdays) to make the arrangements.

*Some security settings on some phones or mobile networks may block access to Give as You Live, saying that it is not secure. It is perfectly secure. If you encounter this problem by all means contact the Unlock Office by e-mail: office@unlock-urban.org.uk or call us on: 01709 380 318 (Mondays and Thursdays, or leave a message) and we may be able to help you resolve the issue.


You are invited to

Do something you love for Unlock

Since the challenges of the pandemic years, and the publication of ‘The Year We Stayed At Home’ we have been reflecting a good deal on the things that bring us joy, the things we love to do, that restore us and refresh us. We picked up this theme in our activities for the 2021 Unlock Gathering and again at the 2022 walk. In spite of a truly generous response to our appeal at the beginning of 2022 funds are still not quite restored sufficiently to allow us to initiate much new work with confidence. So we’re inviting you to join in our JOY reflections and activities by doing something that gives you joy, and making it count for Unlock’s future. This is how it works:-
Reflect on what it is that you love to spend time doing and give thanks to God for that source of joy in your life.Decide how you can use that activity just amongst a small group of close family and friends, to raise a small extra donation for Unlock's work.Donate - send the proceeds to Unlock to support our work Revealing Good News of the Down to Earth Christ in UK cities - http://www.unlock-urban.org.uk/support/donations
Examples - fishing, baking/cooking, sewing, sports, mending/fixing, designing, making, hospitality, writing, art, techy stuff, growing things, drama, music, dance.Act - spend some time doing the thing that you love in order to raise some funds for Unlock.Make it an annual activity/event - if it was fun, please consider making this an annual Unlock Fundraising event, just amongst your friends and family or in your own church.


There's a poster and sponsor form that you use for this on the right, but it doesn't have to be sponsored, you can sell items or services or just collect donations.

Unlock runs on about £62k a year. Core staff work hard on modest (but fair) slaries and minimal hours (a total of 36 hours per week). Overall Unlock punches way above it's weight given its size and resources. We've made lasting impacts from Hastings to Glasgow and from Hull to Cardiff.

What Unlock has to offer will be needed more then ever in these tough economic, post pandemic, times. Please help!

Unlock's work is funded entirely by voluntary donations and our annual sponsored walk in London. We really welcome all financial donations.

Other ways to provide Unlock with financial support include:-

If you are shopping on Amazon you can support Unlock at no extra cost by using this link:


Give as You Live - For On-line Shoppers

Give as you live logoWould you like to support Unlock every time you shop online at no cost to you and no cost to us? With Give as You Live, thousands of major brands including Play.com, John Lewis and Expedia have signed up to donate a percentage of every purchase you make online to Unlock. The average shopper will raise £2.10 per month through what they already buy online. Give as You Live is easy to set -up and use. Simply visit Give as You Live at
for full details, try it today and help raise valuable funds for Unlock.

Where the money comes from and where it goes to:-
Unlock delivers a range of work on a very limited budget. This is only possible because we employ very few staff (all of whom are part-time).

At the present time it costs about £62,000 a year to run Unlock. This includes staff salaries, travel, rent, office expenses, and so on. As a national organisation producing materials for the church to use and as a hub for a network of local people our office is a key part of the work being done. Because we have local people working in different cities supporting them involves our Executive Officer in a lot of travel. The money to fund this comes from donations and gifts, grants from Charitable trusts, and fund raising, especially the London Walk .

If you would like to support the work of Unlock, either with an occasional gift or a regular one, please contact the National Office on 01709 380 318 or alternatively by post at Unlock, 15 Station Rd, Rotherham S60 1HN or through email

What is Gift Aid?

Simply, for those of you who have not yet heard of 'Gift Aid', it is a system that enables charities to claim an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue for every £1 donated to them by a UK taxpayer.

Many of the donations received by Unlock are NOT made under Gift Aid but could be.

If you pay tax then please consider whether you can tick the Gift Aid box on the registration form when you make your donation.

Gift Aid will not cost YOU anything!

All it means is that we can apply to the Inland Revenue for an extra 25p for every £1 that you give towards our work.

To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay enough tax to cover the amount that will be claimed back by the charity/charities that you give to - so if you give £10 you must have paid £2.50 in tax!


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Sketch - Unlocking the door You can make all the difference.

The amount we need is not huge. We need a further £10,000 a year for core running costs without which we may struggle to continue delivering our frontline projects. This may sound a lot but it is a tiny amount on which to run a charity that has the impact of Unlock;

It's the kind of amount that the big charities barely even notice (Children in Need raised £57 million in 2020).

£10 a month from 100 of you would do it.

Committing yourself to that for a year or two gets us to a much better place. Even a regular fiver would be wonderful!

In addition we need £3,000 per annum for each local partnership we run. That gives the local community an employed, trained and resourced Unlock worker on the ground for 1 day each week.

One hundred people giving a regular £10 per month would allow us to run another 4 local partnership projects.

One off donations are always very welcome but regular donations give us an income that we can predict and rely on so that we can plan future work.

If you would like to give to Unlock on a regular basis please contact the Unlock Office:

Telephone - 01709 380 318


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