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Resources - from the regions

 Short Interactive Unlock sessions are available for Unlock Walkers each year. Below are some of the activities we have used.

Welcome 'Stay at Home' walk 2020

Links for playlists for above: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx29_x9gAmhWbmXbSMzopXK11MTkSUId9

Bishop Peter Hall Slideshow 2015

Brick Template 2009

This is a template for making bricks for the 2009 Bricks, Builidings and Big Hearts - Nehemiah activties.

Bricks, Buildings and Big Hearts - Nehemiah 2009

Favourite Bible Characters 2008

Olympics- Winning and Losing 2010

Out in the Cold 2012

Running the Race 2016

Running the Race Slideshow 2016

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