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2023 Queen's Training Poster An Unlock Training day takes place in Birmingham annually, usually in December. For information on the next training events please contact the Unlock Office.

Training can also be arranged for a local group; see this leaflet for details.


Watch this space for further datails, more dates and locations, or contact us if you would like an Unlock Training event near you: office@unlock-urban.org.uk

Poster listing recent Unlock Training events 

Learning Without Books

Learning Without Books; (1985 - re-issued in 2010)

A workbook of 12 exercises outlining the Unlock principles of Christian Education.

"Our task is to design a learning programme for people who ‘can read but don't'. All adults have vast amounts of stored materials and experience. This is the main information source from which we learn. Working people have not been given appropriate opportunities to release their ‘data', their energy. Our task is to create an environment in which things can be said and things heard. Energy will not be released unless you lead, teach, enable and minister to the group very sensitively."

Unlock DIY

Unlock DIY

A course in Unlock approaches for small group facilitators

Experience Unlock's reflective theological cycle

Develop and try out your own Unlock style sessions


Resources for use with Unlock DIY sessions:-



Unlock More then You Think

Unlock More Than You Think

Unlock offers many images
finding the right keys
unlocking an old box and finding treasure
unlocking the door and going in
unlocking the door and going out
This pack aims to give you some things to help you get under the surface of these images, with many of the activities based on Unlock's mission statement:

Unlocking real life stories of urban people.
Revealing Good News of the down to Earth Christ.
Releasing life changing skills and confidence.




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