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Resources - from the regions

The Heart of The Estate

An illustration of the ways in which 'Unlocking' the Bible has brought life and hope to an urban estate in the North East

Mary's Moments A journey from relationship to discipleship

Mary's Moments

(A journey from relationship to discipleship)

The true story of a group of Urban Mums, their lives, and how they connect with the Bible.


Inspiration from Unlock Hull

Unlock Hull developed a creative Unlock workshop day in response to the devastating flooding of large parts of the city in the summer of 2007. The details are here, both for inspiration, and for you to adapt to the needs and issues of your own time and place.

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Download the resources using the links on the left.

Resources developed by Unlock Glasgow

Unlock Glasgow was supported by the Scotish Bible Societybetween 2007 and 2012.

Some of the resources it developed are here and you are welcome to use them if they work for you, or draw inspiration from them.

  • Walking Sticks and Magic Tricks? >>

    exploring leadership and decision making
  • Who Won Gold? >>

    A resource developed by Unlock Glasgow linked to the 2012 London Olympics.
  • Decision Time >>

    A resource developed by Unlock Glasgow in response to the General Election in May 2010.
  • God's Prodigal Son(s) >>

    3 sessions on crimes. Various Bible extracts and black-and-white pictures will facilitate discussions on why and how people break rules, which people we think are more likely to commit crimes and how God relates to "criminals" in some Bible stories.
  • The City Was Large and Spacious >>

    A 5 part introduction to the book of Nehemiah through reflections on photographs taken in Urban Priority Areas in Glasgow.
  • Upside-down Easter >>

    3 sessions on symbols and cultural traditions at Easter, and if we can find new ways to describe the events of Easter story.
  • Unlocking Life >>

    5 sessions on conflicting human emotions, while looking at some Bible stories and discussing which emotions might have been present there...
  • Holy Smoke >>

    An outline for a single 2 hour activity session exploring the theme of violence
  • Masterpiece Masterclass >>

    A resource for creating generative themes and building relationships within a group.
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Download the resources using the links on the left.

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