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Unlocking Cardiff

Sharon Jenkins was the Cardiff (Wales) Unlock Worker from December 2018 until August 2022.

Sharon managed to maintain contact with the local ladies she was working with throughout the pandemic; designing and distributing care packages and bible studies for them and keeping in touch by phone and messages. One or two socially distant meetings were possible either with limited numbers or outdoors.

In more 'normal' times Sharon has run Unlock sessions at TAVS and Caru Am Byth. Translated as "Love is Forever", Caru Am Byth is a charity that supports and provides outreach for sex workers on the streets of Cardiff. The Unlock sessions were part of a bigger meeting where food was provided and the women given a safe space in which to explore their spirituality, their experiences of life and of God.

Sharon is interested in the "theology of the streets" and weaving her sessions around the stories of the women to explore this further.

Sharon completed her Unlock employment in August 2022 but continues to provide some Unlock style sessions through TAVS using local funding.

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Sharon Jenkins

Unlock Cardiff Worker
Sharon Jenkins 2018- 2022