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Our Workers

Our Workers

Unlock Burnley

Alison Adlum is the former Unlock Burnley worker and developed Unlock work in Burnley from the December 2013 until November 2015.



As well as running some cafe church sessions Alison worked primarily with a group of young parents on the Stoops estate using elements of Unlock's Cooking The Book resource pack.

Over the last couple of years she has worked with local enquirers, including recovering adicts, around topics that are relevant for them including indentity and love.


Alison AdlumAlison Adlum
Former Unlock Burnley Discipleship Development Worker

The Shepherds Arms, Burnley
Dissused pub, 'The Shepherd's Arms' on Stoops Estate where much of our Unlock work will be taking place - on the estate - not in the derelict pub!

Burnley Beach Party


Burnley Central Methodist Church's Beach Party, 2013.