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Supporting Unlock


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Urgent Appeal!

COVID 19 has has a severe impact on Unlock's income and effectively wiped out the little we had to fall back on. Both the 2020 and 2021 Unlock London walks, on which we rely for thr bulk of our running costs, had to be turned into virtual events. While the response in 2020 was generous and encouragin, the 2021 response so far has been very limited and concerning. Without a signifcant upturn in donations during the next few months the futuire of Unlockk's work is in real danger.

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Other ways to provide Unlock with financial support include:-

If you are shopping on Amazon you can support Unlock at no extra cost by using this link:


Give as You Live - For On-line Shoppers

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Would you like to support Unlock every time you shop online at no cost to you and no cost to us? With Give as You Live, thousands of major brands including Amazon, Play.com, John Lewis and Expedia have signed up to donate a percentage of every purchase you make online to Unlock. The average shopper will raise £2.10 per month through what they already buy online. Give as You Live is easy to set -up and use. Simply visit Give as You Live at
for full details, try it today and help raise valuable funds for Unlock.

Where the money comes from and where it goes to:-
Unlock delivers a range of work on a very limited budget. This is only possible because we employ very few staff (all of whom are part-time).

At the present time it costs about £60,000 a year to run Unlock. This includes staff salaries, travel, rent, office expenses, and so on. As a national organisation producing materials for the church to use and as a hub for a network of local people our office is a key part of the work being done. Because we have local people working in different cities supporting them involves our Executive Officer in a lot of travel. The money to fund this comes from donations and gifts, grants from Charitable trusts, and fund raising, especially the London Walk .

If you would like to support the work of Unlock, either with an occasional gift or a regular one, please contact the National Office on 01709 380 318 or alternatively by post at Unlock, 15 Station Rd, Rotherham S60 1HN or through email office@unlock-urban.org.uk


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Sketch - Unlocking the door

Sketch - Unlocking the door

You can make all the difference. The amount we need is not huge. We need a further £10,000 for core running costs without which we may struggle to continue delivering our frontline projects. This may sound a lot but it is a tiny amount on which to run a charity that has the impact of Unlock; and it could be delivered by:-

41 people giving us £20 a month or
83 people giving us £10 per month.

In addition we need £2,500 per annum for each local partnership we run. That gives the local community an employed, trained and resourced Unlock worker on the ground for 1 day each week.

One hundred people giving a regular £10 per month would allow us to run another 5 projects.

One off donations are always very welcome but regular donations give us an income that we can predict and rely on so that we can plan future work.

If you would like to give to Unlock on a regular basis please contact the Unlock Office:

Telephone - 01709 380 318