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Our Workers
Our Workers

Frankie Walsh has been appointed with a specific role to nurture and develop the small team of local leaders who emerged during Jacqueline's work in the community centred around St Bede's disused Church.

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Unlock Local Partership work is suspended for the time being due to necessary COVID 19 restrictions. We will resume our local work when the situation changes. In the meantime please make use of our free resources, many of which can be adapted to use via video link.

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Jaqueline Atkinson started her Unlock work as an Unlock Worker, based on the Town End Farm Estate in Sunderland, at the beginning of March 2015. She has now come to the end of her time working for Unlockand we wish her well in her new role as Children and Families Missioner for Newcastle Diocese. Local people are carrying on with the groups that Jacqueline encouraged and developed.

Jacqueline was based at the disused and decommissioned church of St Bede's, at the heart of the estate, where she facilitated the local community association in creating a chapel and provided regular short times of reflection. In a community that 'doesn't do church' Jacqueline established a holiday club, a local community choir and a packed out Christingle service. From September 2017 her work included FAB (Faith at Bedes) which runs for most of the day on Fridays including work with young parents and carers, an after school club for 5-11 year olds and a Bible study group.

> The Heart of the Estate >> is an account of Unlock's work in Town End Farm, Sunderland.

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Frankie Walsh - Unlock Sunderland worker for Town End Farm Estate, North Wearside
Tel: 07449 374190

Jaqueline Atkinson - Former Unlock Sunderland worker for Town End Farm Estate, North Wearside.